All children are given homework on a regular basis in line with our homework policy. The homework given supports the learning in the classroom and the amount given varies from year group to year group.

The minimum expectations for each class are:

  • Reception/Year 1 pupils – phonics, reading
  • Year 2/3/4 – Reading, Spellings, Times tables and one other curriculum related task
  • Year 5/6 – Reading, Spellings, Times tables and two other curriculum related tasks

 Children throughout the school are encouraged to read at home for at least 10-15 minutes everyday. Your child will bring home a school reading book and a Reading Record that needs to be returned to school each day.  We strongly encourage parents, especially in Key Stage 1, to record a comment in the Reading Record to reflect their child’s success or struggle (if any) with their reading.  In Key Stage 2, we expect our pupils to take more ownership of their Reading Record and make their own comments.  We would like parents to monitor this so they can keep an interest in their child’s reading habits.

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