The Cumbria Policy: “As a general rule the Authority will not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property, including clothing, and it is stressed that the responsibility for safeguarding personal property rests with the owner.”

Personal Accident Insurance is not provided by the County Council and their statement is:

“Some parents wrongly assume that if a child is injured at school, the County Council is held responsible regardless of the circumstances, and that its insurance will automatically apply. This is not so – the County Council’s responsibility is strictly limited to cases where there was negligence by them – or their staff. Accidents can happen in school, on the school field, or during school visits, when the County Council or its staff are not in any way at fault and are, therefore, not responsible.”

The provision of personal accident insurance is considered to be the responsibility of parents. Parents who are interested in this form of insurance can contact their local insurance broker.

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