Medical Care

If your child is too unwell to be in school, please keep him/her at home. The Welsh NHS have published a document with some useful guidelines for parents.

In some circumstances staff may administer medication with your written permission; clearly though it is better if medicines are given at home, before and after the school day.

If a minor accident occurs, the class teacher will inform you at the end of the day either personally or by letter.

Any child who becomes ill in school will be cared for and comforted until you can be contacted. We will need your telephone numbers and numbers of other emergency contacts in school. You will need to ensure that these are kept up to date.

If we are unable to contact you we will keep your child in school or, if necessary, take the appropriate action of contacting your family doctor or the A&E department at Furness General Hospital.

If your child receives a head injury, he/she will be assessed and monitored. A form outlining the nature of the injury will be sent home with your child. These forms contain guidance of aftercare.

Please send a note, if for any reason your child needs to be excused from PE, games, swimming or after school activities.

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